Other problems

In the past year, I have helped people who have come to me with stress, depression, anxiety in social situations, relationship difficulties, sexual difficulties, anger and rage issues, painful and distressing family relationships,phobias, self criticism, anxiety after Road Traffic Crashes, perfectionism, worrying all the time, panic, recovering from separation or divorce, feeling stuck in relationships they want to leave, worrying about their health, difficult things from the past which are affecting the way they behave in the present, childhood trauma, feeling unhappy with or hating part of their bodies.

Women and men seek help to recover from the consequences of sexual assault, sometimes from the far past. Adults are sometimes bullied at work, dread going to work and find that their performance at work deteriorates making anxiety and bullying even worse. Adolescents sometimes need help with feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope, depressed, anxious, being bullied, hurting themselves, eating issues, anger outbursts, issues at school, difficulties concentrating or keeping to study programme, not performing academically as well as they could.

My Specialist Areas of Expertise

In addition I have specialist training and experience in bereavement and grief issues; ill health, including working with parents whose children have serious illnesses, and with parents who have lost a child; alcohol and other drugs; relationship / couple therapy, in sexual problems and in sexuality (including “pink” therapy issues; trauma; addictions).  For more information please see my “Sexual Problems” page.