Issues and problems to bring to a psychologist

What sorts of problems do people come to a psychologist for?

We have the experience of helping people since 1984 with the private misery of stress, anxiety, panic, low self-esteem, tearfulness, anger, work issues, addiction to alcohol and other drugs, difficulties in relationships (partner, parent or work), divorce or separation, patterns in failed relationships, “pink therapy”, childhood trauma, eating issues, sexual issues, post-accident trauma or a sense that you are of little value.

Adolescents sometimes have particular stresses to deal with at the same time as trying forge a separate identity as a young adult. Sometimes they and their parents prefer them to seek help from an objective compassionate professional.

How common are psychological problems?

Everybody experiences emotional, behavioural, or relationship difficulties at some point in life.Sometimes the difficulty resolves after a short time when something, perhaps the situation, changes. Sometimes it gets worse and causes us more anguish. Many people seek support from friends and family; others suffer in silence. When the problem cannot be resolved with support from friends or family, that is the time to take your courage in your hands and seek help from a caring psychology professional to work on finding a solution.

Will my psychological condition be cured?

Most people wish there was a “magic pill” or quick fix for their difficulties. However as with most difficulties in life, emotional and psychological problems are often solved over a period of time because we have done something ourselves to change them. The results of long term studies of psychotherapy and counselling outcomes show that well over 70% of people who undertake a course of therapy report great benefits, are pleased that they undertook the therapy and report that they have changed their lives for the better.

Starting on the road to mental-health recovery

If you are experiencing feelings of anxiety, depression, unhappiness, panic or are having difficulties controlling your emotions or sleeping, without help these can become a pattern in your life. Whatever the underlying problem, however deep-seated, we can help you develop techniques to begin your recovery process. A deep exploration of the problem from fresh perspectives with a mental-health professional can help you to feel supported and to see things differently.If at times this feels painful, with our help you will experience warm, caring,
compassionate support and a sense of being respected and valued. Your difficulties will therefore feel less burdensome.