Fees & terms

Psychotherapy & Counselling Fees

The standard fee, for an individual self-funding psychotherapy or cognitive behavioural therapy client, is £60 for a 45-50 minute session.

The fee for a couple is £80 per session.
Please telephone us for a discussion about fees if you have medical insurance
that covers mental health issues.

Counselling session cancellations

Cancellations should be received at least 4 days in advance of the appointment otherwise you may be charged for the psychotherapy session. Cancellations should be made by telephone or by text only. This is to ensure that the notification is received.

Mental health client confidentiality

The same rules of confidentiality apply as in all medical or counselling environments. Information about you is not passed on to others without your knowing and giving permission. Only in extraordinary circumstances (such as if a person wanted to do serious harm to someone) would information not be kept confidential).Many people prefer to seek private psychotherapy so that private information is not disclosed by their GPs when they are referred in the future to another NHS doctor.